Primark, Set, Go!

19/01/2017 23:21

Workout gear/Primark.

Hey girls!

Happy Thursday. I hope you're all having a great week so far.

I've been doing lots of celebrating since the launch of my app on Tuesday night :) Thank you all SO much, from the bottom of my heart, for downloading it and for all your wonderful comments. It honestly means the world to me!

Anyway, as much as I have been enjoying the treats, I was very excited to take part in the Primark, Set, Go campaign today. I definitely needed a serious sweat session and that it was!

Our day started at 9am this morning with a delicious breakfast at Primark HQ. Afterward, we curled up on some comfy bean bags with a coffee in hand to listen to a fantastic wellness talk given by the one and only Coach John Kavanagh, (most of us know him as the trainer of super successful Conor McGregor). He was such a lovely guy and it was great to get a little insight into his life and hear how it all began, from the opening of his first gym to travelling the world with his now Pro fighters.

Come 11am, it was time for the tough stuff. The FitVision trainers put us through our paces with a 40 minute HIT class of cardio and boxercise, which I adored! There are very few exercises, I must admit, that I actually enjoy doing but this was so much fun. The workout flew by! After showering, changing into more cute Primark gear and a dozen photos later, it was time for a foodie talk with fellow blogger Indy from 'The Little Green Spoon'. She shared some of her super easy recipes for making delicious healthy snacks which we will all definitely be trying out at home.

Safe to say after such an active and motivating day, I am beat! I was so delighted to be part of this campaign and I can't wait for our next date already! Check out my Snapchat, (laurenarthurs), for all the action from today.

Night gals. I will be sleeping well tonight.


This blog post was sponsored in collaboration with Primark.

I Have An App!

17/01/2017 21:08

Hey guys!

I can't believe I'm actually writing this! After months and months of work on this app it's finally ready for you guys to download... Eeek! I'm so excited to share this with you all as it's been a huge focus of mine since last Spring! So much time has been invested into my app that I'm so relieved to see it fully complete and ready for you all to see and use. Between the countless adjustments and fixing the tiniest details, I honestly thought this day would never come.

It takes so much patience (a lot more than I thought) when it comes to the tech world but of course, it's always worth the wait! I'm absolutely thrilled with the result and I hope you guys like it too. I think it will make such a difference when it comes to reading my blogs. The ease of use when you're reading my posts and quickly wondering where an outfit is from or jotting down some tips from my travel section, I really think it will be so much better as it's all at your finger tips :) The great news too is that the storage space the app requires is so small which is, of course, so important. Believe me, I know how precious it is!

So there you have it guys, the Love Lauren app is now available for both Apple ( and Android ( devices.


Happy downloading.

Lauren. X