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Winter Wonderland- The Alps Ski Guide

Ski outfit- White Coat (here), White trousers (here), Black 'SNO' look- Top (here), Leggings (here), Khaki overall (here), Russian faux fur hat (here), Oakely goggles (here), Moon Boots (here), Red bomber coat/Primark, Rucksack/Primark, Ski Polo Neck Jumper (here).

Hey Guys,

Happy Sunday, I hope you all had a fab weekend.

After the dreamiest ski trip this week in Megeve, France with Bourjois, I wanted to share this blog post with you to fill you in on what I found to be ski 'essentials'. As I was a first timer, I googled a lot online to get an idea of what I needed and just hoped for the best. I was super lucky as I packed well and felt like I had everything I needed to look stylish yet super comfy and most importantly, warm!

Ski activity essentials:

1. Ski coat and ski pants are a must. They have to be proper ski wear as they need to be waterproof and super warm. I didn't feel the need to wear thermal trousers under my ski pants as they were cosy enough as is. I did wear the SNO top under my ski coat and that was it. You actually warm up quite fast on the slopes so I would suggest not to wear too many layers as your coat will be very warm.

2. Ski gloves are also an absolute must. These need to be the chunky waterproof mitten style. Cotten gloves will get drenched with the snow and your fingers will be absolutely numb. You can pick these gloves up in most sports shops.

3. Sunglasses. I wore the Oakley sunglasses/ski goggles which were fab and really comfortable but regular sunglasses will work perfectly too. They're definitely a must to help with the sun glare. A sunny day on the slopes can be super glaring.

4. Thermal socks. These were essential for when I was wearing the rental ski's but not so much during the day as I wore my moon boots which are fantastic for retaining warmth.

Day to day wear:

1. Hats & Scarves. I packed 2 scarves and 3 hats with me and wore them each day. I loved this Russian style hat for a little extra glam and it was super cosy too.

2. MOON BOOTS!! Oh my god I cannot stress enough how comfortable these boots are. They are so cosy and completely waterproof. I literally wore them the entire trip, even to the apres ski. They are an investment at €80 but honestly it was the best money I've spent on boots. I had 2 pairs of regular boots with me too but they just wouldn't of been appropriate. The snow was too high up to walk through and my feet would of been drenched. Needless to say they stayed in my suitcase the whole trip while I trudged around in my Moot Boots.

3. Jeans and jumpers for Apres ski. Apres ski is super casual as most people head for food and drinks as soon as they finish up their day of activities. I packed my topshop joni jeans and leather spanx trousers paired with cosy knitwear and my black moon boots for the evenings. Simple as :)

4. Overalls. Overalls or jumpsuits are a really fun piece to wear in the snow. They look super chic but they're really toasty too. With this khaki green jumpsuit I had the sno leggings and top underneath and didn't feel the need to wear my coat.

5. SPF. You'd be surprised how sunny the slopes can be so make sure to have sun factor on your face.

6. Have a little fun with your makeup. A red lippy pops SO much in the snow :)

Last but not least, Winter sport insurance. This is, of course, the most important thing to get before you travel. I bought mine with for just €20.

Have fun guys. Skiing was the most amazing experience and visiting the Alps was just a dream come true! I will absolutely be making this a yearly occurrence.

Safe travels!


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