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Haarlem Food & Drinks Guide, Netherlands.











Hey guys!

I hope you're all well. So, today I am finally getting around to writing my Haarlem food and drinks guide. I wanted to hold off writing this blog until after a few weeks as I wanted to try out as many restaurants as possible before compiling a list for you. After living here 8 weeks now, we have been enjoying all of the amazing food that Haarlem has to offer. Eating out, probably too much, but hey that's what Summer is all about and of course it's so exciting living in a new city that we can't help but want to experience it all.

Firstly, let me give you a little info on Haarlem for those of you who might not to be familiar with it. Haarlem is located about 15 minutes from Schipol airport and about 15 minutes outside Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the capitol of the Netherlands but Haarlem is the capital of North Holland and yes, the New York Harlem was named after this one. Haarlem to me is honestly one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. I'm not just saying that as I live here and I may be slightly biased but it's seriously stunning! It's like a mini Amsterdam with canals, gorgeous architecture, and in my opinion, better restaurants and bars. Amsterdam is great for the atmosphere and buzz but Haarlem is a cosier version. Living here has been a dream so far and I can't to experience all of the seasons :)

If you are staying in Amsterdam, it's super easy to get to Haarlem with trains running every 15 minutes and taking just 15 minutes direct into Haarlem station. I have also heard of more and more people staying in Haarlem and taking day trips into Amsterdam. Hotels here are cheaper and the dining opportunities are much nicer. It's also super close to the beach. Just 20 minutes on the bus to Bloemendaal Strand from Haarlem central station.

Anyway, that's a blog in itself and I'll write a post soon on places to see and things to do but firstly, the most important thing, FOOD! I have some images of the places we have eaten at above but I want to leave a list below as well as I don't have photos from them all. Here goes;

1. Burgers:

  • Rubens burgers

  • Thrill grill

(Tip for when you visit The Netherlands! They eat their burgers medium here so make sure to ask for it well done if it's what you prefer.)

2. All Restaurants:

  • La Cubanita - BEST tapas and cocktails in Haarlem.

  • Tierney's Irish Bar

  • Nolita Pizza Bar (BEST pizza in haarlem and in the world for that matter).

  • Boca World Tapas (Make sure you try Bitterballen when you are here. It's a delicious dutch snack. Battered balls of goodness!),

  • Napoli Italian (Try the Scroppino dessert cocktail it's AMAZING).

  • Zinzi- Fab for a glass of wine and their twisty fries are to die for!

  • Cafe Martinus- The most instagram worth breakfast and lunch spot.

  • India Palace

  • Woodstone - Another fab spot for Pizza and wine and it's located right next to the Haarlem brewery which is great for a few drinks

  • Jopenkerk brewery

  • India Corner

  • Dodici

  • Zuidam

  • Bar Morris

  • Kale Pater - Amazing spot for steak! They also do great fish.

  • Brinkman- Great spot for lunch, dinner and drinks. They also have a fab outdoor terrace right on the square.

3. Cafés:

  • By Lima

  • Crêpeaffaire

  • Chco Café

  • Blender

  • Yoghurt Barn

  • Coffee Date

  • Bar Wolkers

  • Meneer Frans (Mister French)

4. Bars;

(There are so many gorgeous bars here. Any bar around the square is fab and great for relaxing and people watching but here are some suggestions)

  • Tierney's Irish Bar

  • Lyft

  • Brinkman

  • Studio

  • Number 5 cocktail bar

  • Boca

  • De Dakkas

  • The Koops

  • ML hotel

  • Dodici

  • Diga

5. Ice Cream;

  • Garrone

  • Chocolaterie Pierre. Both of these ice cream parlours are AMAZING as they make it all from scratch in house. Not to mention, it's super cheap too!

I'll keep this blog post updated throughout the next few months and I'll keep adding to these lists as we try more places. I hope you guys enjoy and please do let me know if you visit Haarlem or any of these gorgeous places.

As the dutch say, eet smakelijk! (Enjoy your meal :))

Lauren. X

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