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My Day In Photos

We started our Wednesday with an early morning walk. The best way to start the day :) My 10k steps were done by lunch time so I as pretty chuffed. We passed through some beautiful canals and ended up at the park where there were some wild deer that, ofc, I had to take a photo of. I mean, it's basically Bambi!

After our walk, I had to drop my phone off to be fixed, (it's been the biggest nightmare recently but hopefully it's all good now), so to pass the time we went for a delicious breakfast at the Yoghurt Barn. It was such a cool concept where you choose your yogurt type and add any toppings you please. I went for jam, low fat yogurt and white chocolate chunks on top. Needless to say it was pretty epic. I'll be a regular of this café for sure! We added a croissant and green tea for an extra treat :)

Then, we FINALLY went bike shopping. As many of you may know, cycling in the Netherlands is a huge part of their culture. There are more bikes than cars at this stage. We have been walking pretty much everywhere so I was excited to buy our first bikes. It was so much fun test driving a few of them but I had a good idea of what I wanted... black in colour with a whicker basket.

And here she is in all her glory! I'm absolutely obsessed. It's just so pretty I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and start cycling again. I named her Bella, after my Mini which I had to sell before we moved here. I'm still getting used to the bike crowds, traffic and craziness of it all but I'm sure I'll get into the swing of it soon. My first stop on Bella today was straight to the flower shop, haha. I had to make my basket look pretty :)

Chat tomorrow guys.

Lauren. X

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