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We've Arrived In Amsterdam


Hey guys. It feels so strange to be writing from my new home in the Netherlands. A very good strange. We feel really at home here and have settled so nicely even though it's just been 2 days.

We live in a beautiful city called Haarlem, which is around 15 minutes outside of Amsterdam on the Train. It's absolutely stunning! Very similar to Amsterdam with the architecture and canals but just a little quieter and a few less tourists. We moved into our gorgeous apartment on Friday evening and headed straight out for a few drinks after the lugging around of suitcases, duvets and a food shop. It was really weird waking up yesterday morning but we were so excited to jump out of bed and explore our new neighbourhood :) Thankfully, moving here was a pretty stress free process. I think travelling within Europe helps and into a completely furnished apartemnet, including our wifi and satellite TV already being set up was a massive bonus!

A few people have asked me why we decided to move to Amsterdam and honestly it's purely because we love this country so much. We visited 3 times last year and on our last trip, in November, we realised how much we could see ourselves living here. We spend a lot of time travelling and we also lived in London for a few years previous so it wasn't out of the ordinary for us to pack up again. We plan to live here for a year and see how it goes. Ireland will always be home and we will definitely be back but for the year that's in it, I'm very excited for what's to come :) Amsterdam is also a great city to travel from as so many airlines fly in and out so the world is our oyster!

I leave on Monday for almost a week on a press trip to the States so I just have the weekend to unpack and pick up a few bits for my trip. I'm SO excited but I'm going to enjoy our first weekend here and head out for a yummy lunch soon. I've also heard the Zara sale is amazing so I will definitely be hitting that up today.

I will be blogging loads from now on. Things on here took the back seat recently with the move but now that we're here I have lots to share (and photograph). This city is so stunning, I'm so giddy to take a zillion photos and share them with you!

Have a fab day.

Chat later.

Lauren. X

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