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Tia Maria Coffee Project

Hey guys,

I'm back again collaborating with Tia Maria for this year's coffee project. Some of you may remember I attended their coffee project last Summer and it was such a fun day so I was delighted to be invited back for another great event! Each year, Tia Maria team up with an amazing local coffee brewing café and bring together the best of the bar, restaurant and coffee industry to teach us more of the history of coffee and it's perfect combination with Tia Maria. Coffee is such an important part of our everyday lives with new, trendy coffee shops popping up all over each city offering us the best the coffee world has to offer. So when Tia Maria realised how important a good cup of coffee was to people, they thought why not team it with one of the best liqueur's to create a pretty delicious alternative... coffee cocktails!

Most of us know Tia Maria from the most famous cocktail, Espresso Martini, however there are so many more creative options you can have fun with. I have listed the most delicious Tia Maria concoctions below, my favourite being the T&T. Move over G&T, there's a new Sheriff in town!

I hope you guys enjoy and please do let me know if you try out any of these and what and your favourites are.

Happy cocktail o'clock!

1. Espresso Martini; 25ml Tia Maria, 25ml vodka, 30ml+ espresso shot, 5ml sugar syrup, 100gr Ice, 6 beans for garnish. Shake and double strain

2. Popcorn Frappe; 50ml Tia Maria, 60ml+ Espresso Shot, 50ml alpro almond milk, 20ml popcorn syrup, garnish of popcorn. Shake all ingredients

3. Mint Frappe; 50ml Tia Maria, 30ml+ espresso shot, 6 mint leaves, 50ml fresh milk, 100gr Ice, 1 mint sprig garnish. Shake all Ingredients.

4. Flat White Russian; 25ml Tia Maria, 25ml jamaican rum, 30ml+ espresso shot, 5ml demerara Sugar, 100gr Ice, top with milk. Shake and Strain.

5. Mint Americano; 50ml Tia Maria, 60ml+ double shot espresso, 6 mint leaves, 30ml sparkling water, 100gr Ice, 1 mint sprig garnish. Stir Ingredients

6. A personal favourite of mine, Tia and Tonic; 30ml espresso shot, 45ml Tia Maria, 80ml tonic, squeeze of orange or lemon, garnish of orange or lemon. Stir Ingredients

For more on the Tia Maria Coffee Project, check out the website here!

This blog post was sponsored by Tia Maria and the Coffee Project.

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