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Skates On

Hey guys and welcome to Blogmas day 6!

Well, today was MAGICAL! I can't even begin to explain how happy I was to skate around the Natural History museum in the snow fall :) It had been lightly snowing all morning but just before we stepped on the ice, it was a winter wonderland! We could hardly believe our luck. I think everyone was so excited it was just so christmassy. If you're visiting London over the next few weeks I would highly recommend it. There is also an ice rink at Somerset house, which we did last year, so it was nice to try somewhere new.

Afterwards we warmed up a some yummy burgers and then headed back for an early, relaxing night at our hotel. We head back home to Dublin tomorrow but we have the afternoon so we'll be up early for more exploring in the morning :)

Cia for now.

Lauren. X

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