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Coat/Zara, Leather Trousers/Freddy, Boots/H&M, Bag/Gucci.

Hey guys,

Happy Sunday. Wow it feels so good to be back blogging again :) I've missed it SO much! I'm going to be blogging a tonne this month so make sure to check back everyday for new content!

Here are a few snaps of my outfit yesterday. Myself and John headed into town for a few hours to check out the markets and get some delicious food. Of course we went for crepes! Yum :)

Last night we went for a fab meal and a few drinks with my family to celebrate my dads birthday a few days early while we're here in Cork. We are also catching up with John's family today over brunch to celebrate his birthday which was just a few days ago. A busy birthday month in my house as it's my sisters 25th too.

Anyway, we're off to stuff our faces again before we head back to Dublin.

Ciao for now,

Lauren. X

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