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Belfast Christmas Markets

Hey guys,

So lets talk all things Christmas markets. I don't know about you but the markets are one my favourite thing's about the festive season. Nothing quite beats sipping mulled wine or a marshmallow filled hot chocolate listening to carol singers and taking in the wonderful christmassy buzz of the gorgeous stalls. It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Last week myself and John travelled up to Belfast for the kick off of their Christmas markets. I've been to Belfast a few times but never during December and I had heard so many amazing things about their markets so it was on my itinerary to get there this year, and so we did :) The stalls are located at the Belfast city hall so it's super central, you can't miss it. Just follow the crowds :)

Of course we indulged in ALL of the food. There are so many amazing food options the only trouble is you'll have a hard time deciding what to get. Or, you could just do what we did and get it all... literally! haha. We shared a big dish of paella, a hot dog, jellies, crepes, churros, mulled wine and french pastries. I wasn't lying when I said we had it all. The food at this market was probably one of the best foodie experiences I've had! So delicious.

That night we stayed in the Fitzwilliam hotel which was such a treat! The drive to Dublin really isn't that far and definitely short enough to do up and back in one day but we decided to make a full weekend of it and stay there. The hotel was super fab and we enjoyed a gorgeous meal and a live singer in the bar that evening before we hit the hay and headed to day 2 of the markets.

Overall I'd say it was 100% worth the journey. If you're thinking of visiting I would say to absolutely go for it! We had the best weekend and I'd go back in a hear beat

:) Our next stop on the Christmas market hunt is Winter Wonderland next week in London (told you I was obsessed), so I will keep you guys posted on that.

Ciao for now.

Lauren. X

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