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Swimsuit & Floaty/Primark.

Happy Saturday dolls :)

It's another beautiful day here on Grand Cayman and we're spending the day celebrating Batabano. It's this amazing Caribbean carnival held right here on Grand Cayman every summer and I'm so happy we're here for it. There will be costumes, street dancing and plenty of food and cocktails. I'm super excited.

Anyway, how cute is this swimsuit from Primark? It came into stores just before I left so I was very happy to get my hands on it. I adore the strappy detail on the front and it's so comfortable. Not to mention my little sidekick, Susan the swan :P Primark also have a gorgeous flamingo available too. YAY to floaties!

Have a fab day gals and i'll update you all tomorrow on the Batabano craziness!


This blog post was sponsored in collaboration with Primark.

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