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Purple Twist

Top/Shein (here), Shorts/Primark.

HEYYY everyone :)

I'm back on Grand Cayman! Yay. We had so much fun in Cuba but 5 days was plenty for me. I'll get into more detail on that when I write my Cuba travel post super soon but for now, I wanted to share with you some of my outfits. I will be posting links to my looks over the next few days as I know you guys had some questions. I chose A LOT of colour for my Cuba looks. This was totally intentional as I did some research before I left and wanted to have a little fun with my photos and match the buildings and cars etc. I will actually write a blog post about how I shop/pack for my trips too :)

Anyway this purple top was dreamy, I loved it on so much. I had to adjust the tightness across my stomach one or two times throughout the evening though, as it is a full wrap around top but the prettiness was worth the effort.

We are just about to head to the beach for the day. I have loads more content to shoot for the blog so lots to come :)

Chat later.


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