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Spring Whites

Coat, Jeans, Bag, Sunglasses & Trainers/Primark.

Hey dolls,

Happy Tuesday. WOW that is some crazy weather out there today! Winter has made a serious comeback to Ireland. Normally it's not something I would be happy about but I recently ordered this white puffer coat with a faux fur collar which is perfect for this cold snap. It's nice and bright too keeping with the Spring colour palette. Silver lining and all that jazz :) I do think the sunshine is due to make a return this weekend which will be so nice. Myself and John are going to chill out and eat in some nice Dublin restaurants. It's been a while since we've spent a full weekend at home with all the traveling lately so it'll be nice to totally unwind.

Right now, I've just finished my lunch after a gym session and I'm about to visit my dad, brother & his gf for the night. We're all going to head out for a meal which I'm looking forward to :) They live near the nicest Chinese restaurant so I'm already excited for dinner. Yum!

I better hit the road before the insane traffic.

Ciao for now.



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