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Roses Are Red

Dress/Pretty Little Thing - Sold out in most sizes but keep an eye out as it may restock. Thanks to the Gorgeous team at Alan Keville for my beach wave blow-dry.

Hey gals!

Hope you all had a fab weekend. Myself & John spent the bank holiday in sunny Malaga. We had the loveliest few days, I did not want to leave! Haha. It's always so tough coming home to rain after spending a few days in the sunshine.

Anyway we've just arrived back in Dublin & I wanted to get this blog post up to show you more snaps of this gorgeous dress. Unfortunately it has sold out in most sizes but as it is new stock, I'm hopeful they will come back online. You guys seemed to love it as much as I did. It was the perfect little outfit to wear in the heat as it was super light, flowy and really comfortable to wear. The colours are gorgeous too ofc :)

We've just done a big food shop so I'm going to chill on the couch and dig into some snacks before we go back to the gym tomorrow!

Night dolls.

Lauren. x

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