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Primark, Set, Go! P2

Workout gear/Primark.

Hey dolls!

Happy Sunday. Hope you all had a fab weekend. Mine was super nice and chilled with plenty of good food and cocktails ofc. I did however wake up craving a gym class this morning (which is so unlike me) but I've finally gotten into the swing of fitness things and I felt so much better afterwards :)

The Primark, Set, Go! campaign is definitely making my gym going a hell of a lot easier with all this gorgeous new gym swag! As you all know from my first post, I am so delighted to be part of the blogger team working alongside Primark for this fantastic fitness campaign. Over the past 2 months (with one more to go) we've met up for a super fun-filled day of working out and healthy eating (whilst slaying the new collection of workout looks). We've all been enjoying them so much but I think last week had to be my fav!

Our day kicked off at 9am with a delicious smoothie and juicing demo with the 'Life Cleanse' at the very cool Chocolate Factory venue in Dublin City. We tried out some tasty smoothies whilst learning some valuable tricks of the trade when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Come 11am, it was time for aerial yoga and OMG it was so much fun. It was my first time trying something like this and I absolutely loved it! Basically, in a nut shell, you hang from big ribbon like ropes that are attached to the ceiling and then swing, flip and stretch like a little monkey. It was such a tough workout, so much so that my abs were killing me the next day!

Safe to say it was another amazing day and I can't wait for the next (& last) one in just a few weeks time. Major tear face that it's all coming to an end but it's been a blast so far! Keep posted for our next date and the final drop of gorgeous fitness gear.

Ciao for now!

Lauren. X

This blog post was sponsored in collaboration with Primark.

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