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Faux Fur

Coat, Boots, Shirt , Leather trousers/Vero Moda, Sunglasses/Parfois, Belt, Bag/Dkny from Kildare Village.

Hey dolls,

Hope you all had a fab weekend :) Mine was super fun and jam packed. Friday night myself and John stayed at the gorgeous Gibson hotel, which I will be chatting all about on the blog tomorrow so keep posted. We also decided last minute to book tickets to Cirque Du Soleil in the 3 arena which is exactly what we did yesterday and it was SO much fun. The show was amazing! Last night one of John's best friends' from Cork came to stay with us so we all chilled in-doors away from the rain, ordered Chinese food and watched a movie. Such a nice Saturday night :) Today, myself & John headed to baby Sienna's christening for the afternoon. Grace (from blog FacesByGrace) is one of my closest friends and we met through our blog's so it was wonderful to be able to share the special day with her and Chris :)

Right now, I'm curled up on the couch with some tea hiding from the insanely miserable weather out there! I have a busy week ahead with another exciting trip towards the end of the week so there's lots to organise.

Chat to you all again tomorrow where I will be posting about my stay at the Gibson Hotel.

Night night. X

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