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Jardin Majorelle

A picture paints a thousand words, eh? However beautiful these photos look, a camera wouldn't even do it justice! Utterly breath taking and somewhere you absolutely have to visit if you are travelling to Marakech, the botanic gardens of Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé discovered the Jardin Majorelle in 1966, during their first stay in Marrakech. They bought the gardens in 1980, saving it from being a new hotel complex and they actually lived in this stunning blue Vila after restoring the amazing grounds with hundreds of different trees, flowers and plants. Yves Saint Laurent passed away on June 1, 2008, in Paris. His ashes are scattered in the rose garden of his beautiful botanic gardens.

It was honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever laid eyes on and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to visit here. All the information you need about the gardens including times and admissions can be found here on the official website. It was such a massive highlight on this trip and I couldn't recommend it enough.

I better get some sleep, we're up super early in the morning for camel rides :) Eeek!

Hugs x

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