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Parfois And Friends in Portugal

Hey gals,

Here is a bundle of photos from my recent press trip with Parfois last week to beautiful Porto, Portugal. To say it was a dream come true would be pretty accurate as far as descriptions go. It was honestly the best few days and I still can't quite believe how well we were looked after. Parfois pulled out all the stops and each little surprise on our trip was spectacular!

We were greeted at the airport by our own personal drivers which were so welcoming and friendly! They drove us to our magnificent hotel the scenic route by the beach and beautiful palm trees. Of course I asked him to stop about 6 times on the way to take some pretty snaps. Haha. The hotel we stayed in, the A.S 1829, was located in the centre of Porto and I was lucky enough to have a front facing balcony onto the town centre. It was breathtaking! The first night we all met for dinner to get to know the group that we were going to be spending the next few days with. The press group was such a lovely collection of people and we all got along so so well. It always makes travelling alone so easy when everyone is such a pleasure to be around. The next day we were up bright and early for a trip to the Parfois flagship store on our double decker party bus (how cool?). We chose some of our favourite pieces from the new collection which were later displayed in our hotel rooms to wear that evening.

Next stop was lunch. As the theme of the new Parfois concept is 'tribal' and 'outdoors', we were brought to an outdoor canopy for some lunch glamping. Freshly made cheese burgers and caramel slices, my idea of heaven :) After our bellies were full it was time to head back to our double decker bus for a tour of Porto city. It's such an authentic city with so much colour and character. You can imagine all of the photo op's!

That night was the main night of the trip where we were brought to a secret location to preview the new Spring/Summer collection, which by the way is beyond dreamy! Our dinner spot was also in this location and it was just perfect! Again, outdoors with heaters, fresh flowers and candles everywhere. Pictures just didn't do it justice. The food that evening was traditional Porto dishes which were really different. It's always nice to try the native food when you're away.

The next morning we had some free time to do whatever we liked so myself and the lovely Michele McGrath blitzed the city with my camera and took loads of nice photos :) The weather was so stunning, about 16 degrees, blue skies and sunshine!

I honestly didn't want the trip to end. I had the time of my life and I can't thank Parfois enough for such a wonderful experience. I will be forever grateful for the amazing opportunities my blog brings me so thank you to all of you lovely people who read it on a daily basis :*

I hope you enjoyed reading all about it guys. Until my next trip :)

Lauren x

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