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Good Hair Day- My Must Have Products

Hey dolls, 

I'm finally getting around to writing my hair care blog post. I like to play around with my hair colour every now and again but the products I use and my signature styles pretty much stay the same. So here goes... I'm not a hair pro by any means but I've picked up a tip and trick or two along the way from some amazing hair dressers in my life. 

Hope you guys enjoy and maybe find some new products to try yourself :) 

1. Shampoo & Conditioner- The products I use here are Kevin Murphy. The purple bottle is the one I use most regularly and the green bottle I use maybe once a week when I feel like my hair needs a good scrub or if there's a build up of product. Kevin Murphy products can be picked up in a number of salons or from Kevin Murphy online here

2. Leave In Conditioner- There are 2 leave in conditioners I love and I don't really have much preference between which one I use day to day. Both the Aussie and the Revlon products smell AMAZING! I spritz 2/3 sprays on my hair when it's wet before blowdrying and both products leave my hair feeling silky smooth and smelling like a bed of roses! The Revlon spray can be purchased (here) & the Aussie spray is available from Boots stores nation wide.  

3. Blow Dry- I use the LanaiBLO personalised hair dryer and it is amazing! I have such thick hair which would normally take ages to dry so when I got my hands on the LanaiBLO it made my life a hell of a lot easier, cutting minutes off the drying time. It's also super compact which is great for travelling and a wonderful gift idea with the personalisation available. You can shop the dryers (here). 

4. Hair Styling Tools- Probably the question I am asked most, what do you use to wave your hair? I used the glamoriser wand for years which was amazing but unfortunately about 2 months ago I left it in a hotel in London and it was never handed in. Tear! So, I went straight out to re-purchase my favourite wand but it was completely out of stock during Christmas but I couldn't wait until afterwards as I wave my hair almost every single day. Anyway, I had received recommendations about a similar wand by Babyliss and this is what I have been using ever since. It's an oval shaped barrel with a heat control pannel, (that I usually put to 180 degrees), to create that textured beach wave look and I love it! There is little to no difference between this and my previous wand only the fact that the Babyliss wand is slightly lighter in weight. You can shop the Babyliss wand (here). 

The GHD is of course another must have tool that I couldn't live without. I use the GHD for straightening my hair of course, (and the occasional emergency make shift iron when i'm travelling) but it's the best in the business. Shop the pink GHD (here). 

5. The Finishing Touches- In my opinion, this is the most important step, the one that totally completes your look. The first tip I will give is to not fully brush through your waves once you finish. Let your hair cool down and then run your fingers through it to break up the strands without loosing the shape. Tip numero 2 is to spray a texturising product on your waves to really give your overall look that beachy, voluminous bounce. A texture spray is and absolute essential if beach waves are the style you are looking to create. My favourites would have to be: Joico Hair Shake and Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. I adore them both and would recommend you try them both to see which one suits your hair type more BUT.. if I had to choose which one I would grab first it would be the Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray. It's honestly a gift from the hair gods! You can shop this product (here) and the Joico hair shake (here). 

I also LOVE dry shampoo. I know a lot of people can't use dry shampoos but I have been using them for years. Mainly for that day 2 hair as the great thing about beach waves is that they last ages without looking undone (as undone is aim of this overalL style. HOORAH). So, for that quick freshen up I use Batiste religiously. Batiste dry shampoo is available in most pharmacies and supermarkets. 

If I need a little hairspray for a night out, (the texture spray is usually enough for when my hair is down and waved, but if it's straight or tied up hairspray is my go to), L'oreal Elnett is always my preference. 

And that's a wrap! My full list of favourite hair care products from start to finish. For anyone wondering, I have my hair colour and cut regularly by the babes at Zero One Salon, Dublin. These girls are amazing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed and many good hair days to you all! 

Lauren.  X 

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